Day 5 and Day 6: Khulja Sim Sim- a doorway to technology, final pitch presentation!

Since the past four days in Hangzhou, I was so used to the routine of waking up early, having breakfast, heading out to the campus, attending all the sessions, group discussions, coming back preparing for the pitch and all the myriad of conversations and then going to bed early in the morning! As the days passed, a sense of familiarity, liking started to grow and the city felt more like home and it had just been four days. It was new, uncanny and I loved it. Day five was an embellishment to the entire summit! A visit to Alibaba group and in the evening to the West Lake- an ancient,evergreen for poets of generations to pass! And things could not have gotten better.                As the bus entered the premises, I saw a line of bikes parked perfectly in a row! Beauty.                                                           Enter Alibaba group! Ni hao! Taobao                             Hangzhou, the Silicon Valley of China is where Alibaba was launched and one lo

Day 4: of mock pitch, profound thinking and bizarre food!

It was a bright, sunny morning and as per our routine, we all headed out to the Zhejiang University campus. And on my way to this beautiful venue where our sessions were going to be held, I noticed a few students happily clicking photographs with their graduation gowns on and for a minute or two my space cadet tendencies kicked in and all the memories of my three blissful years of engineering, the highs, and lows, precious moments with my friends, the joy of having chosen as a Melton Fellow and also the fact that I just had one more year left in my course and soon I would be in their shoes, making memories all the way,  but soon the mild, trickling sound of a bike shook me back into reality and I walked further to join my group. Our first speaker Mr.Zhou was an artificial intelligence scientist. Considering that this was a talk by an eminent personality, discussions, and tidbits of chatter filled up the auditorium and once this slide came up, the din diminished gradual